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Cortina Paint Program

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  • Obtain automatic approval of colors if you select from the pre-approved schemes
  • Choose from original Cortina Colors

The Details


Program Explanation: Many homeowners have been frustrated by trying to follow the rules when repainting their house. They have submitted colors to the Association for Architectural Approval and had to wait for weeks to find out if their color choices were accepted. In some cases it has taken months to come up with color combinations that you like, and that are acceptable to the community. Approved paint colors should make the experience easier and less frustrating.


Approved Colors: Your Board of Directors has decided to allow homeowners to paint from the same color pallet used by Fulton during construction or one of the pre-approved color schemes described in the section below.


There are some things you need to know…

  1. Only approved/original color schemes may be used in Cortina
  2. All painting projects require approval from the Architectural Design Review Committee.
  3. Select your paint scheme from those below.
  4. You have to use the exact colors from the approved color schemes. You can choose any scheme from any series as long as you use the base color and at least two additional colors from the scheme.
  5. Colors that are specifically indicated for the main house colors as the base color cannot be used for anything other than the main house color.
  6. Colors within the scheme you choose may be used in any combination provided that the designated base color is used as the main house color.
  7. These colors are allowed regardless of elevation or model anywhere in Cortina, but will continue to require Architectural Committee approval, prior to painting.
  8. Submit the completed “Change Request form” to the management company.



Please note that all painting projects must be submitted to the ARC Committee prior to painting.  The requests are still subject to approval, as some combinations may be less complimentary than others with this more loosely restrictive guideline.



Click here to download the change request form



The Process: Fax, mail, or email your normal Architectural Change Request form to Renaissance.  Requests may be emailed to paint@rcplimited.com.


Approved Original Color Combinations


Click on your home series to see the choices

Pre-Approved Paint Schemes

Next Business Day paint approval is here!

Below are paint color schemes that have been approved by your board of directors.


YOU STILL NEED APPROVAL - But if you select the exact color combinations, approval is guaranteed.


Click here to see list of approved color schemes


** You must use all the colors in the scheme exactly as specified to use pre-approved color schemes.


Click here for the Pre-Approval request form.


To receive the one business day response, your request must not have any variations from the pre-approved color schemes. Requests with variations will follow the normal Architectural Change Request process for your community and be reviewed by your community’s Architectural Review Committee.


If you wish to paint original colors please scroll to the top of this page to learn how to submit a request for your original paint scheme.

Approved Color Combinations

Dunn Edwards Paints

Click here to see Approved Schemes


Sherwin Williams Paints

Click here to see Approved Schemes


Important Disclaimer: Colors presented in this document are provided for general color information and illustration purposes only. Because of the differences in computer monitors, printers, other hardware and software combinations, the depicted results are intended to be used as approximations of color and not as definitive representations, and should not be relied upon or used as such.


We cannot guarantee you will achieve desired results without verifying an actual paint sample of your actual color selection. For specific advice regarding your project, we recommend that you visit your local store.

Paint and Supplies

    Dunn Edwards Paints

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     Sherwin Williams Paints

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