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HOAs are governed by several documents and laws. These laws and documents are applied in a hierarchy or order of application. In the event of a conflict in the documents or laws, the one above it in the hierarchy overrules the lower one. Here are the laws and documents and a link to the law or document.


  • Federal applicable laws, eg. FCC ruling on satellite dishes


  • Arizona Non-Profit Corporation Law - Chapter 19





  • Declaration (CC&Rs) - Rules developed by the builder when planning the community.



  • Articles of Incorporation - This is the document filed with Arizona Corporation Commission to form the non-profit corporation of the Association.



  • Bylaws - Rules regarding the Board of Directors and meeting of the Association.



  • 2008 Amendment to the Bylaws - Amendment to change the term for board members to two years.



  • Architectural Design Guidelines - More detail regarding design constraints of homeowner's lots.



  • Landscape Guidelines - More detail regarding design constraints of homeowner's landscaping.



  • Common Area Tree Replacement Policy



  • Annual Budget - Please call or email Renaissance to receive copy of budget


On October 2, 2013 the Board added verbiage to the Design Guidelines to help clarify paint colors, paint requirements and added rules for the maintenance of vines on shared walls.

Please click here to view the revised document.



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